Applying for a tax ID in Minnesota online may seem difficult. Especially if you look at the governmental website set up for that purpose.

Thankfully, you do not have to use the government’s website. Not if you want the process to be simple and lacking in stress.

Instead, head to one of the private companies offering their services. Pay their low fee, complete their application form and get your tax ID in Minnesota via email in just a few days.

How does a private tax ID application service work? — Most of these online services are easy to use and inexpensive. All they ask for is basic personal information such as name, address and telephone number. You will also need to tell them the type of tax ID you need — personal or business related — and then answer a few short questions. These are usually about the vehicle you own, if your business is involved in gambling or selling guns, and if you have applied for a tax ID before.

Once you have completed this information, pay the small fee via credit card or PayPal. You can then submit your tax ID application. This will be sent to the Minnesota tax authorities who will process the application as usual.

You should then receive your new Minnesota state tax id in less than a week.

How much does the application cost? — Whereas applying directly to the government costs nothing, private companies charge a small fee. As this is usually less than $30, however, it is well worth paying due to the lack of stress you will experience completing the application.

You can get the lowest price by comparing prices from various companies offering tax ID application services. Just be sure to check their reputations before committing to using one.