Immediate Action

Water damage from a leak can cause an extensive amount of damage to your house and when it is detected even in the smallest amount immediate action needs to be taken. The pipe which is leaking needs to be turned off preferably at a closer source but at the pump if necessary. If the leak is from the roof, you need to place a tarp over it.

Stopping the leak will minimize further damage to the building. It is not as important to discover the source of the leak as much as stop the leak. If there are any power outlets or wiring near the leak, the power will need to be shut off to that wiring or outlet. Failure to do this can lead to people getting electrocuted and dying. Depending upon the severity of the leak a temporary relocation of your family may also be required to prevent any health-related issues from occurring.

Water Removal and Air Quality

After taking immediate action, you need to deal with removing the water and air quality issues in your home. If you plan on hiring a water damage restoration company  now would be the time to do it. A good start here could be Denver Water Damage. They offer a wide variety of damage restoration services.

Standing water and moisture can lead to bacteria and mold which can severely injure people and further damage the house. The largest area in which water can collect in your house is the basement. The simplest way to start removing the water from your home’s basement is through the use of wet/dry shop vacuum. Materials like drywall, flooring, draperies, clothing, ductwork, shelving and carpeting will need to be removed and if impossible to clean replaced. While your removing the water and other material, a dehumidifier will need to be setup to remove mold and bacteria from the air. You will also want to sanitize everything.


Removal of all contaminated materials within 48 hours is extremely important. After removing all the contaminated items, it is important to get someone to come inspect your house. One of the harder situations to rectify is damage from a leak that has been ongoing for a long period of time. This type of long-term leaks means there will be mold damage.

Mold damage is a lot harder to remove. The restoration process normally entails replacing the drywall and insulation that has water damage. During this process, the source of the leak should be fixed either if it’s a leaking pipe or a leaking roof. Also, any wood that has mold/mildew or damage needs to be replaced. If the wood is a structural support, we would recommend hiring a professional.