It is not recommended a person facing criminal charges represents themselves. Although a judge is there to oversee the proceedings, no one will tell you how to prepare your defense, or how to proceed with the case. Obtaining the help of a barrister versed in the law provides added assurance, the legal system is applied fairly, for your highest benefit.

A criminal case is complex, and to handle it takes the training. In Australia, a solicitor gets the details of the case and analyzes the best defense for the client. He or she can give you a synopsis of what penalties you might face if any.

Most people in danger of going to jail do not know where to begin when they are faced with a criminal charge. Maneuvering through the legal system is a mind field. There are motions, witnesses to questioned, papers to file, and court dates to be met. Miss any legal requirement, and you might end up in a terrible situation. Fortunately, there are trained criminal lawyers Sydney and barristers qualified to assist with the criminal justice process.

Even if you are innocent of charges, going to jail is still a possibility. Your name can be tarnished, and you can lose your livelihood and face unnecessary financial burdens. Being innocent is not enough when dealing with a tangled justice system. In addition, if you are charged with a crime and discovered guilty, a barrister may be able to get alternate sentencing.

Solicitors manage the legal environment and work closely with barristers to give clients the best defense possible. However, the barrister speaks in court. They understand the legal climate you will encounter in a courtroom. The barrister questions witnesses and handles other details during legal proceedings.

Protect Yourself:

Whatever the reasons you may have encountered the law, without good legal representation, you stand little chance of accomplishing the outcome you desire, your chance of adequate legal protection is diminished. It is your legal team’s job to prove your innocence in a court proceeding.

Protecting you is not the goal of the court system. Challenged by a strong legal body with unlimited resources, you are a disposable person caught in the jaws of justice, and you need a barrister that will give you strong legal representation.


Knowing what is required of you is important. If you need bail, your solicitor can guide you. There are levels in the court system, cases related to the Magistrate Courts and District, and Supreme Court. A solicitor or barrister will understand the differences.

Get Help Understanding Charges:

Solicitors help when you are arrested, and they help you understand the charges. Several charges fall under criminal law:

  • Stalking
  • Drug possession
  • Criminal trespass
  • Shoplifting
  • Property damage
  • Graffiti
  • Personal safety

These are only a few charges, and each has an intricate number of attached charges and penalties. For example, different drugs carry varied penalties in Australia, and your solicitor can explain these variations in the law and work to obtain positive results for your particular case.