No matter what happens with the global economy, you’re going to find that gold is a standard that is not going away. Gold is a great thing, and if you invest in bars, coins, and more, you’ll find that you will have a variety of elements going positively for your investment portfolio.

Before you run out and buy gold, take a moment to understand a few simple tips on purchasing precious metals. The following are just a few things that you want to consider. These tips will help you invest, without sacrificing value, and more.

Look For Minted (Valued Options)

Insiders suggest that you should buy precious metals that are minted, and have a simple standard. Quality is everything when you’re purchasing gold, and you can ensure that if you work with North American solutions, and other minted options, you get quality. Invest in 24-karat options, Maple Leaf options, and anything that is no less than 22-karat gold, and is solid. The U.S. mint for example, has great quality control and doesn’t release large supplies every time they mint bars or coins.

Start With One Ounce First

If you have never purchased any gold before, don’t dive in head first. Instead, consider purchasing smaller quantities. Start with one ounce pieces, then build up to larger bar sets. You don’t immediately need to purchase a pound or several pound bars. You can start with a few ounces, and then build up over time. Some investors even suggest going with coins, if you can afford them. Don’t price yourself out, and don’t panic if you can’t pick up large bars when you first start investing.

Rare Doesn’t Mean More Gold

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when investing in gold is purchasing “rarities”. Rare options do not mean quality, or even more money. Just because a bar is older, or a coin is from hundreds of years ago, the value is based on the weight and quality of gold. Melted down, these older options are nothing more than the precious metal. Bars and metals are not the same as collecting sports cards, or other memorabilia. There’s a different standard, don’t miss out.

Use a Reputable Source

Look back at history, and you would find that people could dig up bullion fast. Miners would rush to the mountains and mines and pull up a lot of metals and make money. Today, you can’t really do that. To invest in gold bars, you will need to utilize a reputable source, and not just any resource. Look for a good, reputable sales solution so that you can ensure that whatever you purchase is high quality. Higher quality bars means higher value, no matter how things fluctuate in the market.

As you can see, there are a few simple tips that you can keep in mind when you’re looking at investing in precious metals. Take the aforementioned ideas, and watch your portfolio and investments grow. Gold will only increase in value over time.